Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh, My the Jedi Are Going To Feel This...

   Today is an unofficial holiday. That’s right millions of school kids return... to school! (Cue lightning and theremin music. Kids, ask a teacher what a theremin is!) After three months of relaxation, summer camps, staying up late, and summer blockbusters, it’s time for kids to return to school. (Unless, of course you were one of those schools that returned last week. Wow, then I should have written something then. Just imagine you’re reading this a week ago.)

    Yes, right now a million Jedi are screaming in agony at the collective sigh that is most schools returning to school. Most commuters are screaming in terror at the increased traffic as people aren’t on vacation and are now back on the road. Lifeguards leave their summer in the sun and pools become scary lots that you pretend not to notice. Pumpkin is added to every menu, beer, whatever. And once again you can go to the movies on a weeknight and it’s just a little emptier. (Also, the movies start either sucking or going into major prestige mode.) We are getting toward jean jacket weather. The holidays are just around the corner.

    I love autumn. I know we don’t really hit it up for another three weeks, and it’s going to remain ungodly hot for another month or two. But there’s something about this time of year. Something in the air for me. Something that just gets my blood pumping and gets my creative juices flowing. I love this time of year.

    I know I’m in the minority on this. Especially those kids who are currently looking at horror at their backpack right now, and are not looking forward to the homework they are about to have. But look at it in a new light. Think of it as an opportunity. Right now anything can happen. Right now there is an opportunity for a brand new school year ahead of you! Take advantage of it! We are going to head toward this new school year together! (I'll be watching from the sideline. Hopefully not for too long.)

    But seriously, stop putting pumpkin in everything this time of year.

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  1. But I make really excellent pumpkin cookies with brown sugar frosting! So leave pumpkin alone.

    I'm looking forward to autumn too-my first real one in 2 whole years!!