Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bad Shakespeare Election Guide: Oberon

Name: Oberon

Occupation: King of the Fairies; amateur theatre critic.

The Rundown: As King of the Fairies, he’s basically the most powerful person in the Athenian forest. So naturally he gives the task of trying to convince his wife to give up the kid they kidnapped together to Puck who’s really not all that up to the task. What follows is possibly the very first episode of Three’s Company. Lovers keep falling in love with the wrong person, then in then his wife falls in love with a man who has the head of a donkey. (And is named Bottom. Real subtle, Shakespeare.) In the end, he makes everything right with the snap of his fingers, then heckles a group of mediocre actors.

Why Wouldn’t He Be Elected Today: He assigns the most important job possible to the least qualified individual possible. His critique of the play at the end is so-so at best.

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