Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bad Shakespeare Election Guide: Macbeth

Name: Macbeth

Occupation: While he’s held many roles, we’ll go with “King”.

The Rundown: Macbeth is an ambitious fellow. Actually, he kind of isn’t. I mean, he gets told that he’ll one day be a king by some evil witches, but it’s his wife that does all the plotting. To the point that now any time a woman gives her husband, boyfriend, or significant other the idea to murder a king it’s known as “Lady Macbething.” (citation needed.) Anyway, after he gets a little taste of power, he ends up going crazy with it, then kills his best friend, then basically tries to kill everyone else. In the end he’s undone when the people are so fed up with him that they literally uproot a forest to get close enough to kill him.

Why Wouldn’t He Be Elected Today: Wasn’t the strongest leader as he basically just listened to his wife most of the time. And then he ordered the death of his greatest rival’s kid, basically turning him into Liam Neeson. And if there’s one thing we know, you do not Liam Neeson someone and expect to live.

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