Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Enthusiastically Inexperienced

    The one thing I haven’t discussed that much in the wonderful world of class-taking in lively art of Theatre and the ever so useful topic of Folklore is why I’m taking these two classes. You see... I’m mostly done with my teaching degree. Next up on my magical mystery tour of college I have to do...

    The Internship.

    Now, there are very few programs of study for a Masters Degree (I’m getting an M.ED for anyone who’s interested in the technical terms. If you aren’t, then don’t read this sentence) that force you to quit your job, don’t work, and take this unpaid internship while you take an additional class for a few months. Now, yes, there are other options, like getting a provisional license, which is about as easy as teaching your cat to fetch and Career switcher, which won’t work too well for someone in my situation who wants to go from Government to teaching English, well... that’s not the kind of move the State licensure board is looking for. (And they don’t normally take “enthusiasm” as a substitute for “experience.). So I’m left with...

    The Internship.

    It’s kind of a scary thing. First of all to take that leap of faith to quit a steady job -- something I’ve had since I graduated from college all those years ago -- and to dive into a field that 1) Not a lot of people support and 2) with budget cuts promises that it’s not really a growth industry. But I’ve covered that.  It’s just while I talk about getting out of my comfort zone... this is OUTSIDE outside my comfort zone.

    I know I’ve done stuff in the past, but this is an established teacher giving me the reigns. It’s kind of intimidating. I’m sure I’ll do well, but this isn’t like going from one job to another. This is like going from being a contractor on the Death Star to Ewok village, only the Ewoks aren’t always so cute and cuddly. (Deadly Ewoks will be the name of my indie band.)

    Ideally, this is only about four months off. I mean, I still have to let you all know how I’m going to do on the Praxis 2. That little experience is coming up in September and merits a little blogging as I prepare for that as well. But as I get ready to gear up for this semester, which I am looking forward to, don’t get me wrong. One thing is sitting at the top of my mind, something that I need to start really considering.

    The Internship.

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