Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Teaching Theatre and Yankees Fans.

    Back when I was beautiful, I wanted to do a lot more with the theatre. I’ve mentioned it before, but for newcomers I spell it “theatre” because that’s the way my old Theatre Teacher, RL Mirabal (That’s Mr. Mirabal to you) would spell it, so. But in college I took directing, acting and playwriting courses, mostly because I hoped to be a playwright one day. Then there’s that old joke.

Q. What’s the difference between a pizza and a playwright?

A. A pizza can feed a family of four.

    So I did the responsible thing and got a job in data entry, and sort of gave up on my dream of being a writer/beautiful until of course I started this blog and writing, more, now I have lofty goals of writing something magnificent enough to be published and so I can meet all of my writing heroes.
    But that brings us back to the idea of theatre. Why am I discussing theatre (on a Bad Shakespeare blog) today of all days, on the first day of Fall classes? Well, I’ll tell you why, you curious folk. (and I guess the folk that aren’t too curious.) I’m discussing it because I am taking a class on the teaching of Theatre that starts tonight! (Just like Mr. Mirabal, except I’m not a Yankees fan.)

    Now, as it turns out I’m not qualified to get a certificate in teaching theatre. While I’ve taken a lot of the classes required in undergraduate, way back in the days of “dial up” (kids, ask your parents) but I neglected my technical theatre skills. I mean, I learned some while in High School, back even BEFORE there was “dial up” (it was a dark, ignorant time when we had to walk to libraries to Google information) but I really don’t retain a whole lot of it. It you put me in front of a board today I could eventually run it ok (with hilarious results) but alas, I just don’t have them.

    “So why do it?” my you are all an inquisitive bunch today. I’m doing it because I enjoyed my time taking theatre, and because I denied it to myself for too long. I took the responsible path out, and now I feel as though a big part of me is now gone. And while I’m still going to be responsible, I’m going to take time to enjoy myself. At the end of the day, my degree will still say “Michael B. Hock, English Teacher.” (Now THAT’s the title of a crime novel.)

    I mentioned a few posts back about how I went to go see Children in the Mist, a Horror Opera. I enjoyed it. And it reminded me of how much I missed seeing a production on the stage. The fact that a friend of mine wrote it... I miss that experience, too. I’ve written a play. I’ve seen it performed. There’s no experience like it.

    This doesn’t mean I love English any less. No, I’m still Englishing. But what it means is that I’m going to do something for myself, and re-immerse myself in the theatre world.  Because I enjoy it.

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  1. Wait a minute, you aren't a Yankees fan??? I feel so confused.