Monday, March 11, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch is an Awesome Name

Sometimes, I have a lot to say on certain topics. Sometimes I don’t. Today, I don’t have a lot to say, so here are just a few random things that I started writing, but I couldn’t translate into longer posts. Just being random.

-When scientists work out on things, do they bother watching movies to see the worst case scenario? Is someone working on cloning a dinosaur watching Godzilla and saying, “wow. So THAT could happen.”

-The next person who writes a news story about how ipods and constant phone use are making us lose our hearing should also include a special time machine that takes us all back to 1980 when the Walkman was going to do the same thing.

-By this I mean classic Godzilla movies, not the 1998 version. That’s just an example of what can go horribly wrong when you try to cast Matthew Broderick in an action role. He’s Ferris Bueller, damnit. We want to see you lip sync in a parade in Chicago. 

-The new Star Trek movie looks good, but seriously, tell us who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. Khan? John Harrison? Gary Mitchell? Moriarty? (That’s a twist.) Character names aren’t spoilers. Plus, I really want to know. 

-Is there a more British name than Benedict Cumberbatch? Like, ever?

-Studying to be a teacher is pretty hard. The hoops I’m having to jump through to become a teacher are insane. Think re-learning everything you learned in high school, thought you’d never need, and then having to do all the things you need to be a student, like shots. But anything important involves hard work.

-How great does the new Much Ado About Nothing look? I cannot wait to review this one.

-However, if someone wanted to sponsor me, like an old-school Patron of the Arts. I’d be totally down with that. For your investment, I’d come over and give you one random literature fact a day.

-On the subject of spoilers: People avoiding them have gotten out of hand. Yes, that’s a movie trailer. Yes, it is to give you the plot of a movie. That’s not a spoiler. It’s what the movie is about. If I hear you whine about it, I’m going to ruin the giant twist that Clark Kent and Superman is the same person.

-Zombie movies are fun, but we need to stop the brainwashing of young kids into believing that fast moving zombies are acceptable.

-I’m going to start ending more statements with, “as the prophecy commands.”

-I believe that robots are stealing our luggage. They want you to think that TSA agents are doing it, but in truth they’re trying to learn what we take with us when we travel, and thus how to defeat us when we flee the cities when they attack.

-Fun fact: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was originally a twist ending. I guess you’ve all been spoiled your whole lives. Also, that one is free, but it’s that quality if you sponsor me.

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