Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Movie Season: Starting the Wrap Up

Sadly, we’ve reached that sad time of the year. By Joss, the Summer Movie Season is almost over. 

That’s right, there are just two more scant weeks for us to enjoy... well, really the best movies have already come out this year. I mean, We have at least two great ones coming out... Mortal Instruments (Which if you direct your gaze to “what I’m reading” you may notice that I’ve been burning through to get myself ready for it) and At World’s End, which promises to be the best movie about robots interrupting a pub crawl probably ever.  But sadly... no more anticipating Man of Steel, Now You See Me, Kick Ass 2, Star Trek Into Darkness... they’ve come and gone. In the case of RIPD and the Lone Ranger, in some cases faster than you’d expect. 

Of course, this helps push us closer to Prestige Season, which usually isn’t ushered in by Joss, and means that we may be reviewing them during the AMC Oscar Movie Showcase in February. We won’t be covering that as much, because it’s not as a special time of year. These are the movies that are SUPPOSED to be good. The real problem is that you can never tell if it’s going to be a particularly bad until after it comes out. The good news is that when a Prestige movie fails, it fails SPECTACULARLY bad. Like epic wow it really fails bad. 

In any event, despite the fact the fact that most people are predicting doom and gloom for this Summer Movie Season, I found it to be a great Summer Movie Season so far.  Here’s a quick rundown of how Summer movie season has affected me.

Number of classic movies I’ve seen : 4. It was a good season for the revivals of movies I’ve loved. Whether it was Bruce Willis busting space Terrorists, or Peter Venkman and company being slimed, or Simon Pegg being his Simon Peggiest... it was a great time to look back.

Best non-Prestige Season Prestige movie I’ve seen: The Way, Way, Back. Yeah, awkward kid coming to terms with things isn’t necessarily Summer Movie Season Fodder. But it was a fantastic movie. One that I’m sure may be discussed around the Prestige Season.

To All The Movies I Missed...: Yes, even a cinephile like myself I managed to skip past a few movies that I really wanted to see, notably Johnny Depp inspiring this year’s go-to Halloween Costume, Will Smith’s father/son bonding experiment through what’s left of Earth, and Men in Black but with dead people. 

It’s Learning if it’s based on a book: Yes, I got to see two of my favorite literary... things... turned into movies this year. And it was awesome. And you should go see them.

Superheroes. Everywhere Superheroes: For all the complaining about how there are too many superhero movies coming out, I really only was able to enjoy four of them. Maybe that’s because there was only four of them that came out. I know that’s an interesting ratio when compared to the hundreds of other movies coming out, but I guess we need a news story to explore.

There will be a full wrap-up when Summer movie season is over. Like I said, there are a few other movies coming out his week that I have to see, and we do need to see the one special movie... that horrible movie that comes out during Labor Day weekend, and it will be the best worst movie to come out this year!

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