Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Mars had often heard that people who were brave weren’t afraid, they just ignored the fear. Or something like that. He prayed to God that it was true as he ran back towards the Storage Room, hoping that Raph and Gabe would be inside. Then he could stage a dramatic rescue, then it was just a matter of figuring out what their next move was. The way he saw it, with the car chase going outside he had a least 45 minutes to figure something out. 

He made it back to the storage room to discover both angels gone, and one very pissed off demon standing in a box full of Christmas Lights. He was still pretty much tangled.

“Do I really have to keep up the whole ‘nice’ charade much longer?” Jacob Whelan asked

“I won’t lie, it would be nice,” Mars responded.

“I’m trying to take over the world here,” Jacob Whelan said, “I don’t really need your interference anymore.”

At that moment, the first truly horrifying moment of the whole quest occurred. Jacob Whelan’s face began to distort. It no longer looked completely human, his eyes grew to tiny little slits. His teeth began to sharpen, they became fangs that seemed to overstuff his mouth. He crouched down unnaturally, letting out a low, gutteral growl that filled Mars with a dread he hadn’t felt since he was seven trying to figure out if there really was a monster under his bed.

There really wasn’t much to work with for Mars right now. All his James Franco Magical Weapons had been confiscated, or were in the hands of Evie and Nathara although he wouldn’t discover this for about twenty more minutes. The two Angels were currently banging their way through the now empty lair, and wouldn’t meet up with him for another two minutes. So Mars did the only thing that felt natural to him.

He reached down for the first weapon he could find, and swung it at Jacob Whelan’s head with all of his might.

The first weapon he managed to find was the ceramic, dead eyed Santa he had spent so much time looking at.

Santa exploded on the head of the Demon, into what seemed like a million pieces that coated the storage room. Having just discovered a few days ago that demons existed and thus was not an expert on demon anatomy, he was uncertain as to whether or not smashing a demon in the head with a ceramic, dead eyed symbol of Christmas would do anything, but it felt good and it solved the problem of ever having to look at it again.

Fortunately, Demons, like every other creature, were vulnerable in the head. Jacob Whelan recoiled, his face regaining it’s human appearance as he tumbled backwards into the Christmas Lights only to get tangled again, this time falling against the unstable pool table that had been used to handcuff several people to earlier this week. Because of the unstable nature of the leg, it collapsed, causing Jacob Whelan to roll off, getting further tangled in Christmas lights, and smash into a nearby bookcase, also causing that to topple over. 

Mars stood there for a second, two black ceramic boots still in his hands. He looked down at them, tossed them to the ground, then proceeded to turn and run. He either had to make it to Kaplan quickly, or he had to get away from what was going to be a very pissed off Demon. 

He was halfway down the hall when he encountered the two Angels, arms in shackles trying desperately to balance an amulet on it as they ran. The three individuals almost completely passed each other.

“Mars!” Gabe yelled.

“Gabe! Raph!” Mars yelled back.

“Where’s the demon?” Raph asked.

“Yeah, he’s not going to be happy in just a minute,” Mars responded. He wanted to put some distance between them. Then he looked down at the amulet. “What’s that?”

“This, my boy,” Raph responded, “Is the answer to a lot of our problems.”

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