Monday, November 25, 2013

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Bennet was a little disappointed that the whole “take over the world” thing turned out to be a movie and not an epic meltdown. Of Nicolas Cage. She could have ended up on Youtube with literally billions of hits, and be known as the person who caught the epic Meltdown of one of the craziest stars, ever. That would show Trisha Ngyuen and her “accidental” thong shot. 

She moved her microphone over to Mars, who had closed his eyes. Marty zoomed in on what he just assumed was an unknown actor, trying to decide where he was going to order food from tonight. 

“So, sir, what else have you been in? And are you excited to be working with the great Nicolas Cage?”

“He’s not joking. This isn’t a movie. He’s trying to take over the world,” Mars pleaded deadpan. 

Bennet laughed, “It must be exciting to work with someone who’s so into character!”

Nicolas Cage laughed as well clapping a hand around Mars’ shoulder, “Of course! I do tend to surround myself with professionals. In fact, Ms. Bennet, I remember one time...”

Bennet zoned out. She nodded and smiled at the right time, but she knew that ultimately, she wouldn’t care. Her big scoop was nil. Or so she thought.

“Mr. Cage--” she said.

“Please, Mr. Nicolas Cage,” he corrected her.

“Mr. Nicolas Cage, I’m sorry, but we’re getting word of a car chase headed through New Orleans right now,” she pressed her finger to the earpiece.

“Of course! It’s always wonderful when something turns into one of my movies,” he let out a big smile.

“I thought this was being taped?” Mars asked.

“We’re still the closest to it.”

Bennet, Marty, and Nicolas Cage all turned to the sound of sirens passing by.

“Wait a minute,” Mars said, “This mansion overlooks Bourbon Street. So, if you guys are the closest, then...”

It was true. 

There was  common misconception about New Orleans, and it was that Mardi Gras was the only time Bourbon Street was packed. The thing was, Bourbon Street was typically packed on any given weeknight. Given that this was  an ordinaryTuesday, it wasn’t as packed, but there were plenty of revealers. And, while there were plenty of signs, roadblocks and other deterrents, Nathara, Kaplan, and Evie weren’t concerned about them when she turned onto Bourbon Street. Neither was Elizabeth in the pursing car.

What resulted was the world’s slowest car chase. Neither wanted to get out and run, since the police were also behind them, trying to fight their way through the crowd.

Nicolas Cage took his arm off Mars and signaled to the two robed men that were leading Mars to his presumed death that he should probably go help Elizabeth in her pursuit. They abandoned their post.

So, the large security men that watched the compound were now watching the car chase unfold, along with Nicolas Cage who took his hands off Mars, the reporter and her cameraman, and the two guards who were escorting Mars to his death.

It was a pretty weak miracle, but at this point he thought he’d take it.

Mars fled towards Nicolas Cage’s storage room.

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