Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back To America: Land of the Free, and Home of the Whopper

Citizens of the Internet and Beyond… Bad Shakespeare is back!

That’s right, after a month of being Bad Shakespeare-less, all new posts return… well next week, really. I suppose there’s a bit of cruelty that comes with teasing you all about the return of Bad Shakespeare, but hey, that’s what comedy is all about. But hey, regular updates will continue starting Monday of Next Week!

No, this is more of a housekeeping post, to give you all a sneak preview of what is going to be coming up over on the blog over the next couple of weeks. As you all know, or maybe you’re just finding out because you’ve just decided to start reading this blog based on your adventures with me, I have been in England over the past month, studying the inner workings of the theatre scene over there, touring the great venues, looking at the Actual Shakespeare’s house (and hoping he doesn’t mind how I borrowed his name for my blog. His ghost didn’t attack me, that’s as good as a “yes” as far as I’m concerned), drinking my way through Scotland’s fine alcohol dispensaries, and stalking former cast members of Doctor Who. Turns out, I saw two. Didn’t realize it, but I did. 

I had quite the adventure while over there, studying under the tutelage of the wonderful and talented Rick Davis, who I might add in addition to being handsome hasn’t put the final grades in the book in just yet. Just sayin’. And I look forward to telling you all about them, which is why (as I announced on Facebook… and if you don’t like Bad Shakespeare on Facebook, what’s wrong with you?) I’m announcing Bad Shakespeare Takes London, which will run on the blog Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. Marvel as I talk about:

Visiting Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and the secret of Bubbles, the Shakespearean Cat.

I review the eleven (yes… eleven) plays that I witnessed, including Treasure Island at the National Theatre, which certain was a play as it was taking place on a stage, and featured one of the more uncomfortable kisses I’ve ever seen, ever. And I’ve seen people kiss Nicolas Cage.

Our class gets a visit from the cast members of the Scottsboro Boys!

Tours! So many tours.

The experience of visiting a laundromat in London. I’ll make that one more exciting than it sounds. 

Cardiff, Doctor Who, and Paddington Station… all in one day! (The Doctor Who Experience is in Cardiff, and I had to leave from Paddington Station. But it sounds more impressive this way.)

The totally true adventures of an American in a London Movie Theater. When commercials run for 45 minutes, you wonder why you’re the only one there for a little bit. Also, no butter.

My quest for a decent cheeseburger.

The Universal appeal of Zoidberg! You all have Zoidberg.
Kilt Buying for dummies. 

And much, much more. 

And that’s not all in the way of announcements. As you’ve all seen, the Oscars were announced, and you can bet your sweet bippy that Bad Shakespeare and Friends will be at the 2015 AMC Oscar Movie Showcase to enjoy all the showcase happenings, including guest appearances by Jerome the Steelers Dude and Cookie Queen Kim. (She’d better have cookies this year… she’d better.) Stay tuned for that as well!

And, of course, your usual assortment of general wackiness, including movie reviews, Book Reports, coverage of the Movie Dumping Ground Season, and of course, this whole Graduate School thing. I should probably work on that a little bit as I have two classes coming up.

My trip to England changed me in so many ways. I wasn’t prepared for the ways in which this particular trip was going to change me. I’m really looking forward to sharing that will all of you. I’m looking forward to recapping my adventures, and looking forward to the new year and all of the new adventures I have ahead of me. 

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