Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Customer Service Representative, continued

Dear Mr. Jones,

            Thank you for your interest in our company. Franklin Family Construction does pride itself in taking on new and exciting projects that push us to our creative limit. Projects like the one you describe certainly match our mission statement of finding challenging and creative projects, but we do have a few concerns.

            None of our crew nor subcontractors have experience working in a zero gravity environment. As a result, we do not believe we would be able to have your Moon Base operational in the three week timeframe you are requesting. In addition, we do not have the resources to commute daily from our home office here in Washington DC to your home base on the dark side of the moon.

            While you mention that you do have most of your materials, and we appreciate the sample, but none of us is familiar with this type of metal. You claim it to be the only substance in the universe that will weaken your arch-nemesis, but just don’t have the ability to work with this material.

            Many apologies, but this just will not work. If we knew of someone to refer you In the future, if you choose to build another base closer to the ground with more traditional materials, you will keep us in mind.

            T. Franklin
           Customer Service Representative
            Franklin Family Construction

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