Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Signpost...

This is my final post before I start writing my novel. 

I wondered for a long time exactly what I’d do with this post. I’ve covered my fear. I’ve covered the naysayers. I’ve even covered why I think you should participate. So all of that is behind me.

I’ve decided to keep this short, and put it out there as sort of... a signpost. Often times we look at ourselves and we say, “how did I get here?” We’ll think back to some events, maybe we’ll chart out the events that led us to our current place. I know I’ve done that a little.

But what I wanted to do was leave this here as a reminder of the fact that I at least tried. I started out on November 1st, 2013 with the idea to write a novel about two slackers that have to save the world from an evil actor that sold his soul to a demon, and have it make about as much sense as that.

So, join me here tomorrow, as we begin the prologue to: Mars and Kaplan Save the World.

See y’all in 30.

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