Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The 124th Annual Shelley School for Advanced Young Scientific Minds Science Fair!

The Shelley School for Advanced Young Scientific Minds is pleased to announce its annual end of the year Science Fair to be held in the Tesla Memorial Gymnasium on May 22nd, 2012. (Date subject to changes within the timeline.) This year’s Science Fair is sponsored by the estate of Dr. Henry Jekyll, one of the first to truly understand what it means to push you to the scientific limit. This contest is open to all students with at least a 3.5 GPA, excluding Gym. Let these entries guide you as you go out into the world and attempt to make it a better place through whatever means necessary.  However, as with any contest, we will need to have some guidelines.

            1. Cloning is permitted. (No Kardashians.)

            2. No time travel. It is messy, and it is impossible to judge. This includes bringing historical figures into the present, especially Theodore Roosevelt, who has had enough trips into the present day.

            3. All robots must be built emotion free. Let us not forget the lessons of last year. Sentient Robot Students with emotions, however, are permitted to enter the contest.

            4. Human/Animal hybrids are permitted, but for any hybrid that is more than 50% animal will be subject to a strict review of the restraints. Failure to properly restrain your hybrid may result in disqualification.

            5. Under no circumstances are you to threaten a Superhero (SH) or a Superhero Love Interest. (SHLI) Sidekicks are permitted if they are already the second or third person to use that title.

            6. No Brad Pitt.

            7. No experimentations will be permitted on other students. This list includes but is not limited to: vaporization, teleportation, removal to another universe, mutation, cyborgization, or removal from the timeline.

            8. You may summon only 1 (one) demon or undead creature at a time. You may not sell your or anyone else’s soul to win the competition.

            9. All Death Rays must be registered with the Shop Teacher, Mr. Claw.

            10. Finally, you will be asked to present a short monologue of your own writing that you would use with your project. While this may be of your own writing, you may work with a Monologuing Coach or English Teacher.

To enter, please fill out the form below, due by May 20th. Good luck to all contestants!