Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Down with Failure. Up with Cow and Boy!

Welcome to post number two for this week’s Bad Shakespeare First Birthday Anniversaganza.

    I talk a lot about failure on this blog. More than I’d like, because I want to be a positive force for getting back on that horse and riding it over the cliff again, because I seem to have an unlimited number of horses. I also have spoken before about a great love of mine, the twisted (now web-based) comic “Cow and Boy” which now resides as www.cowandboy.com. You should be reading it. In fact, if you’re not reading it now, the robots have already won.

    I bring this up because “Cow and Boy” needs help again. As a newly minted, newly started web comic, it needs an influx of readers. A few weeks ago, Mark Leiknes was promoting his new book “Back When We Were Bloopy” which is the bloopiest collection of comics ever, and he noted that he didn’t get as many orders as he hoped, and was going to have to cut back on the number of times “Cow and Boy” was published. It made me disappointed to see. The comic is funny, it’s pretty original, and it’s creator didn’t die centuries ago only to have newspapers constantly airing reruns and slapping “classic” on the page. So why aren’t more people reading it?

    Probably because it is original, and originality scares people. People want the familiar. They want a cat to hate Mondays despite the fact that he doesn’t have a job. They want that football to be pulled away. They don’t necessarily want a kid to be hit in the head with a cat-copter so much.

    Anyway, as someone who is going through a failing streak right now, I can empathize with Mr. Leiknes. It sucks to see something you love go down the tubes. So, Today’s mini-post in keeping with the Anniversganza, and things I love or have learned, I’m directing to you once again to www.cowandboy.com, and to get the word out so more eyeballs get onto that page, and we can start getting more adventures of Cow and her buddy Billy.

    Tell’em Michael sent you. It won’t mean anything. And I have no affiliation with them. In fact their really isn’t anyone there to tell. Just go read it, and try not to laugh.

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  1. Sad news - this week (November 5 2013) Mark Leiknes announced he's quitting the strip altogether at the end of this year.