Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm Han Soloing the Situation Until It's Been Nic Caged

So, I failed again.
                I’m starting too many blog posts like that. “Failing again.” If you haven’t guessed it, my absence from blogging was a result of me taking the Praxis 2 and failing again. It’s the last test I need to finish my schooling. It’s the last test I need before I can become a student teacher and eventually a teacher. It’s the last test that I have to take before everything is said and done and I’m on the career path I set out to do a few years ago. And every time I fail it, I feel like crawling under a smaller and smaller rock until there’s no Michael left.
                Why can’t I pass it?
                But you don’t come here to read self pity. You come here to read about my journey to be a teacher and occasional comedy bits like Les Miserables 3: The Color of Dis Bear which features both Zombie Javert and Zombie Valjean putting aside their differences to save Paris from a rampaging bear army that Marius has inadvertently set loose. Coming to theaters soon.
                I’ve got two stories about failure, and how to deal with it, and what my attitude is on this. The first one is from one of my very good friends, we’ll call him Jake (because that’s his name and since he’s not in witness protection I’ll assume I can use it), often tells me about someone else who was in a major bind, and how he dealt with it. I’m not clever enough to have thought of it this way, so I’m totally stealing it from him. He likes to tell the story of a man that had it rough. After having a price put on his head by bounty hunters, he goes to help some people and they’re attacked. He’s out of friends. He finally ends up visiting a friend of his, only to find out he’s been sold out. Now, Han Solo knows that his blaster will do nothing against Darth Vader at this point, but even after everything he’s been through… giant space worms, bounties on his head, his best friend selling him out… he doesn’t give up. He pulls out his blaster and gets off three good shots before Darth Vader pulls his blaster away.
                The moral of the story is, other than the fact that Han Solo will always rule, is that he kept fighting, even when he was at his lowest and he knew he couldn’t win.
                The other is a story very near and dear to my heart. It’s from a television show called American Dad and it features my favorite actor. It was a one off joke, but they introduce the theory of Nic Caging the situation. Ah, Nicolas Cage. The insanest insane man that has ever worked Hollywood, a town famous for it’s insanity. Nicolas Cage. The theory goes like this: Nicolas Cage has done a million different movies. Go find a genre, Nicolas Cage has done it. Have they all been hits? Not by a long shot. Many of them end up in the discount bin or are rarely, if ever seen. Has that stopped him? Never. That’s what Nic Caging the situation is. It’s standing tall, and throwing every last thing against the wall with the hope that one day, something is going to land.
                So, I’m still not sure which one of those is better… just keep Nic Caging it, or to Han Solo the situation. It would be so much easier if Han Solo had been played by Nicolas Cage, but I guess I can play it that way in my mind. I’m not going to devolve into self pity, which is why this post is at the end of the week rather than the woe-is-me at the start of the week. We’re doing this now because I’m so totally going to continue to Han Solo this situation until it’s Nic Caged. That’s just the way I role.
                On another note, faithful readers… we’re nearing one year since I’ve started this little adventure. We’re over 150 posts. Pay attention to some cool stuff coming up, as next week we celebrate the one year anniversary of Bad Shakespeare!

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