Monday, June 8, 2015

Bad Shakespeare Takes Ireland: June 1st and Wool Socks

I’m currently sitting by a roaring fire, wearing a nice toasty sweater with my thick wool socks on, typing at my computer. Quite frankly, it’s the perfect winter day. I couldn’t be cozier right now. Certainly I didn’t think I’d every use the word “cozy” to describe the first day in June. And yet, here we are…

Yes, it’s a bit cold here on the first day of June in Innis Mor, as a pretty big storm has rolled in. So strong that we could hear the first bit of it as it hit early this morning. The wind picked up and at one point, it was raining sideways. Naturally, the faculty member and I decided it would be a perfectly find day to walk to the beach.

Ok, so first things first, it’s never a fine day to walk to the beach when it’s cold with gale force winds and you wear glasses. you miss a good portion of what’s out there, mostly because it’s cold with gale force winds, and you have your glasses being covered with long hair and wind. It was cold. COLD. But at the same time, the beach was actually kind of nice. 

Naturally it wasn’t crowded. By that I mean “There was no one even close to being on the beach.” But the sand was all compact, and the waves were coming at a steady rate. The area we were standing was actually a little protected because of the bay, but further out it looked like “oh holy Poseidon why are you doing this to us?” 

We further walked around the beach area, finding an old abandoned road where it started to erode. Actually it wasn’t bad for just walking around and exploring, it would only be dangerous if say, we were going to drive on the road. But it led to this cool little dock area where we could see further out and really explore the area. It was most excellent, to quote Keanu Reeves back when he was cool.

Of course, our little adventure wouldn’t be complete without some hot chocolate. And coffee. Because we were soaked, almost completely. I rewarded myself for my little journey by getting myself a new sweater, mostly because the sweaters I brought were all hey I didn’t bring any sweaters because it’s June 1st, and who brings sweaters on June 1st when it’s supposed to be Summer in everywhere except Australia. 

I really should have listened to the person who said “hey, it’s colder than  you think, just be ready for that.

I was woefully unprepared. 

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