Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bad Shakespeare Takes Ireland: Taxis, Ferries, and Busses, Oh, My.

Firstly, a programming note. As of this moment, I really haven’t posted that much in the past week. There’s a reason for that: we’ve been on the tiny island of Innis Mor and we have very little wifi. However, I still wrote several editions of Bad Shakespeare. I’m uploading them all today, and they’ll run this week. Enjoy!

Leaving Galway was an interesting event. Firstly, because we ended up taking a taxi to the bus, and the bus went right by where the taxi first picked us up. It seemed very redundant. But we said goodbye to that tiny coastal town and hello to our even tinier island town. I mean tiny. I mean there are more cows that people so far. And don’t believe what anyone tells you, these are mean looking cows. I would not want to mess with them.

But I should back up a little bit. We took our coach (or as we saw in America, bus) down the Irish Coast. It was beautiful. I don’t mean run of the mill beauty like a sunset or kittens playing in a basket, but real beauty. Awesome beauty. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in my life. I couldn’t believe it. The bus zigged and zagged down the road and we were treated to all the colors of green that I never thought I’d actually see. It was amazing. 

Then, we got to our Ferry and unloaded our bags for the second of many times this day. This was probably why they told us to pack light and no one listened because hey, we’d just have to put our bags on a plane twice, right? At this point I’m beginning to think I should shun all my material possessions and live as a hermit with nothing. At least for this trip. then I want a lot of stuff again. 

Anyway, we were greeted by a con artist dog who apparently lives around they ferry and acts cute for food. I could tell he was a con artist because he had shifty eyes. Or at least they appeared to be pretty shifty. I knew he was up to something from the first moment I saw him. After he hit us up for some snacks we all shuffled onto the roller coaster ferry. 

You could say the seas were a bit rough. That’d be like saying the Kardashians sort of enjoy being in the spotlight. I swear, at one moment  we were traveling almost vertically. It was kind of nice, actually, a bit of a change from all those times I’ve been on a boat and felt like I didn’t anger Neptune. Actually it was a little bit nice, the scenery was amazing. 

After we all praised the god of the land, whoever that is because he doesn’t have as good representation as Neptune, we unloaded our bags (again) and then loaded them (again) in the last leg of our journey: The tiny town of Innis Mor. We’re currently (or we stayed by the time I’ve uploaded this) staying in the Kulmurvey House, which is near an old church and as I mentioned once before: some cows. Yep. There was a cat roaming around at one point, but he didn’t want to be my friend.

That’s were our adventures are leaving us for right now. I’m interested to see what this week will bring. 

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