Monday, May 14, 2012

Reflections on a Three Armed Superwizard

            I just hit the “send” button on my final project of the semester. As anyone who is in college right now will tell you that “send” button is the most glorious, awesome thing in the world.  (Or real life equivalent if your professor is making you turn in things by hand like we are in the dark ages or something.) The feeling of relief… it’s like a giant weight is lifted off you by the hand of Nicolas Cage himself while the other hand gives you a back rub and the other hand serves you your favorite milkshake. (In my world, Nicolas Cage is a three armed superwizard. My world is strange.)

            But as we are at the end of the semester, it always will involve some reflection. Reflection, as you know, involves you staring wistfully off into the distance as your favorite indie band plays a sad tune in the back ground and there is a montage of close-ups to you walking, skipping stones, and contemplating life. (Please note that you may replace your favorite indie band with any cover of “Dust in the Wind.”)

            I don’t know that there is a specific point to wondering. I had a good semester, it’s not like I overcame any big obstacles while circumventing any authority figures. Which is a shame because I feel I’m due for that type of thing. But I believe I did well in my class, and I quite enjoyed it, it forced me to sit down and start reading some really good books. The class was challenging in its own way, but, it was taught in such a manner that my brain was able to grasp the information and hold onto it, meaning no montages as I studied and people helped me study. Which is good, because I don’t have a good song picked out for a studying montage.

            Nope. It was a pretty good semester.

            There’s just always a need to reflect. And I’m no different. I’m jumping right back in with a summer course, and then there will be two exciting adventures this fall (one of them is in Folklore! There’s a huge job market for folklorists, if all the fantasy TV series are teaching me anything.)

            I guess one exciting adventure down, many, many, many more on the horizon.


  1. My accounting class went well. I just took my final on Saturday. I would feel more happy/relieved if my summer class didn't start this Friday.

    Have you watched the new Ghist Rider movie? It was epically bad. It looked like it had a B/C level budget and like Nic Cage was on crack ... like, way more than normal.

  2. Great synopsis of your completions only to continue on that journey! So happy for you, one day i will say "i knew Michael when", (lol) - Well i know you are going to be that famous Professor Hock!! Congrats on another year closer.