Monday, July 9, 2012

I Will Not Do Presidential Endorsements Unless Threatened By Asteroid

             The blank page. It’s a scary thing, particularly when you are trying to do something like keep up with a blog three times a week. Pulling back the curtain for a minute, sometimes I do have these posts banked for a few weeks at a time. Sometimes, like now, I’ve run out. And with the absence of school, education, or just in general a lot going on with my life, I’m not always sure what to say.

                Oh, yeah, that whole “summer class” thing fell through at the last minute. I’d go through the long boring details, but you don’t want to hear them all. (I didn’t match a few of the perquisites for the class. Hmmm. I guess they weren’t that long or boring. It was more like a statement.) So, I don’t really have adventures in taking a summer course to share with you.

                Because school is out, there’s not much going on in the world of education to really report. One of the Presidential Candidates (His name rhymes with Nitt Nomney.) is calling for less teachers, but this really isn’t a political blog. And in reality I’m not much of a political person. I write in Nicolas Cage each election with the knowledge that if he won, he’d turn down the job because he’d be too good at it. Also there’s not an asteroid headed towards Earth, and actors rarely make good Presidents unless there is a killer asteroid headed towards Earth. (When threatened with an asteroid, vote Morgan Freeman, if Bruce Willis isn't available.) But I’m not really going to get into politics. I may get into the issue of “more or less teachers” at some point.

                My life is devoid of wacky adventures. That’s usually the case after a Mission Trip like I took two weeks ago: I need time to relax and decompress, so I’ve been hiding out, watching old movies, and pretending it’s not 100 degrees out.

                I guess what I’m saying is… enjoy the post today for what it is. Just a brief look into the backstage workings of Bad Shakespeare, Inc. My mind staring at the blank page, trying to think of something to say. Enjoy it. Love it. We’ll focus on more wacky adventures in the upcoming weeks, even if I have to make something up.

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  1. Enjoyed the blog post except for the political stuff...that wasn't political but it really was.