Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a Metaphorical Martian. Except When It's Not.

                Today marks a milestone in the world of Bad Shakespeare. This is my 50th (That’s five-zeroth) post since I first started this blog back in April. While I don’t intend to celebrate every milestone (maybe my one millionth). I am going to celebrate this one, as it feels that I have accomplished something.

                I have covered a wide range of topics from evil wizards (still a blight on our society!) to school reform (not until I get into one) to why I’m choosing to do this. Well, I haven’t covered the last part a whole lot. Mostly in my first post. So I want to return to that for today.

                I look back on my first post and I discuss that I am dedicated to doing this. I’m dedicated to the idea that I can make lives better by using my natural talent for teaching and humor to make the world a better place. Maybe I can. Part of what I didn’t discuss is the faith involved in all of this. The faith that I’m doing the right thing, and the several leaps of faith that I still have to take. A couple of those leaps are without a net, or a telekinetic Martian to catch me with her mind powers should I fall.

                We all have faith in something, or I like to think we do. Faith in ourselves is the hardest thing to cultivate. I referenced before [title of show] and it’s wonderful song about doubting yourself “Die Vampire Die.” One of the great lines in it is “why is it that if anyone said these things to us on the street, we’d immediately dismiss them as crazy, but when we say it to ourselves, we can’t help but believe it?” I almost want that tattooed across my forehead. Doubt in oneself is easy. It’s easy to think we’re not as great as everyone else.

                What is important is to work through that. Sort of like some of the doubts holding me back right now… I’ve got more than I let on to people. (Which is why I’m sharing it intimately with the many of you that I know read this.) We can’t let self-doubt hold us back. We can’t let lack of faith in ourselves hold us back. You have to know there is a metaphorical telekinetic Martian that will catch you. (I should really not write these while I’m watching Young Justice. There’s a Martian, and Robin was doing something and fell, and she caught him… it was very exciting if you watch it.) And it’s easy to type this. It’s a lot hard to actually do.

                Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for reading this blog. A lot of you have commented to me that you enjoy it, and I appreciate you reading it more than you will ever know. I hope to continue to entertain you with stories of wizards, teaching, Shakespeare, and my twisted little imagination.


  1. We all have self doubts but it is always nice to know that someone else has them too. If I am not moving out of my comfort zone I am not growing. I always do what I think I cannot do.

  2. I've also been inspired by [title of show].