Friday, May 24, 2013

Thanks, Teachers!

    Normally I reserve this space for entertainment stuff. Breaking Bad (if I add the word “spoilers” to that I get a ton of hits for the week), Summer Movie Season, and coming next week, information on Deep Space Nine, the Deep Space Nine-iest of the Star Trek series. But today I wanted to talk about something else that I think is even more important.

    By now we’ve all heard about the devastating tornados that cut through Oklahoma earlier this week. Fortunately we’re getting some good stories out of it, and one of the best things has been the stories about the brave teachers that helped save the lives of those students. It’s a reminder that the best teachers aren’t just there to read some facts and hope that some students remember them. It’s a reminder that teachers are supposed to be there for students. Granted, you always hope and pray that it’s not during L. Frank Baum story, but the best teachers are there for students, at any time.

    I’m extremely happy to see that so many teachers are being recognized for acting quickly and getting to those kids to safety. Thank you, all of you.

    Not a long post today... I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to those teachers who were dedicated to getting those kids to safety. Remember as we head towards Memorial Day Weekend, do something to remember the tornado survivors, and remember they need help. Consider donating to the Red Cross or looking up the charity of your choice that can help them out.

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