Monday, July 8, 2013

200 Posts Down...

Welcome, to Bad Shakespeare’s 200th post! I hope today you make sure to put your celebratory Bad Shakespeare mustaches on today, and explain to everyone that asks that your favorite blog on education, writing, books, and pop culture has made it to it’s 200th post, despite the odds being overwhelmingly not in my favor. You can tell them I said it’s ok. I have a lot of influence on people looking up Breaking Bad Spoilers.

Yes, I’m aware that they’re not all epic-length, and about 15 of them were written on one day about various movie marathons. But I feel they make up for all of the extra days that I didn’t post. MATH!

So, I racked my brain: What do I want my 200th post to be about. Then it kind of hit me, there’s a ton of little ideas that I had for blog posts that I didn’t actually get to write about. Some of it because I didn’t really have an opinion, and it was just senseless rambling. (I know. This is the stuff I DON’T consider senseless rambling.) Some of it because it wasn’t really long enough to be a post, but not short enough to be a Facebook status update (I did post all of that your MySpace walls. You should go check.) Some of it because I thought it was kind of controversial. Some of it because I didn’t really have enough research, or time to research. And some of it because I’d start to post it then I’d get distracted by... SQUIRREL! 

With our luck 200th post, I thought I’d pull the curtain back a little bit and mention those posts I was going to do, but didn’t for one of the above reasons, or other reasons I didn’t really feel like listing because of reasons. Important reasons that I’m afraid you may not understand. Mostly because I don’t understand them. So here are some of the DVD Extras, so to speak the deleted Bad Shakespeare posts that didn’t quite make it to the big screen, and landed on the cutting room floor.

-I do BBQ Competitions, believe it of not. They’re an awesome time, so epically awesome that it will blow your mind and taste buds away. I was going to write up my teams most recent trip to a tiny town in Virginia, so tiny that we didn’t even have cell service. Unfortunately, Mother Nature likes to play games, and we got rained out.

-I was going to write up a review of the epically epic Star Trek (No colon) Into Darkness, and mention that it you should go see it. Make sure you saw it in IMAX 3-D so you could stare lovingly into Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes and pretend that with each line he was threatening to exterminate you personally. But I already posted a review for a movie like, four weeks after it came out, and I didn’t want the blog to become “Hey, look at this movie you could have seen if you just got on the ball.” Plus, I figured that those of you who were going to see it probably did long before my blog came out, and already imagined Benedict Cumberbatch personally threatening you with each line. Didn’t think I could add much to the conversation.

-There was a whole knight/dragon blog post that was hilarious at the time I wrote it, but then was a stark reminder that writing and allergy medication rarely mixes.

-I was going to write an ongoing, serial novel to go with National Novel Writing Moth, and I was going to write a serial novel that was going to run during the summer when Education News is sort of light, but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t get a good novel started. Plus, November was when things started to go downhill for me, so the writing of the comedy novel I was working on was going really bad. Also, part of things going bad involved my computer crapping out and me losing said novel to the ages. Everyone thinks of backing up their work when they’re sitting in front of a computer, blue screen of death staring back at them, sobbing uncontrollably. (You’re sobbing. Not the computer. The blue screen of death is the epitome of the mocking tone.)

-Oh, the controversy. There were a few controversial topics I strongly considered dipping my big toe into. I was going to start the First Church of Algebra which would have targeted those kids who can now legally refuse any assignment based on their religious beliefs. (Donations got you a card saying that we didn’t believe in “man’s math, only math of the divine”.) That was brilliant. There’s the whole Orson Scott Card/Superman debate that went on... can we separate horrible things that someone has said vs. their art, particularly with a movie coming out? (That one got dark. I’m glad I stopped that one when I did.) Let’s not forget the whole “Free Kate” controversy (The 17 year old girl who was dating a 15 year old girl, and when she turned 18 her girlfriend’s parents had her arrested.) I wrote that post about nine times, and deleted it each time. I wasn’t comfortable jumping into that one.

Look, I’m very aware of my blog and the fact that my reach isn’t as far as I want it to be. I know that my blog’s not going to be entered into the nation debate over prayer in schools, Orson Scott Card, or Free Kate. But I also don’t want to enter a debate knowing only half the story, or relying on gut reactions. I like Tommy Lee Jones’ line in Men in Black. This was back when Will Smith was a rapper/actor instead of just an actor like he is today. But it’s along the lines of “A person is rational, people are dumb, panicky creatures and you know it.” I didn’t want to wade into all of that debate and have to suddenly defend arguments from “people” and half formed opinions.

But if any student who does want to join my Church of Algebra, donations are 50 bucks and it gets you a card that will get you out of doing any math assignments based on our religion. You’re welcome.

So that’s sort of the behind the scenes of thoughts and ideas that go into the building of the Bad Shakespeare world. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up: We’ve got the end of Breaking Bad and that analysis. We’ve got the eventual end of Summer Movie Season and the random speculation of Prestige Season and what we’ll be watching for the Oscar Movie Showcase. We have the robot invasion to look forward to. (Spoilers on the end of the human race.) And then that whole student teaching thing I’ve got to get to, and you can bet the blog on that one is going to be hi-Larious. 

So join us, will you, for the next 200!

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