Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fornicating Catholics and Evil Nuns

Whelp, first one is down. The Cookie Queen, Pittsburgh Guy, and… I forget the name for the last one have given their thoughts to Philomena, starring Riddick Co-Star Dame Judi Dench and that other guy. Steve Coogan. He's been in a lot.

They all thought it was a well done story with a great twisty ending but was overall sad and full of sadness with sad added to it. Not the Oscar winner this year, but was an enjoyable way to start out this particular run of movies. It contained the elements… foreign country, death, an old woman… but at the end of the day it wasn't as depressing as watching an old woman die, then get slapped, then someone try to catch a pigeon flying around. (I still hate you, Amour. I hate you a lot.)

Up next is more sad as we don't get to see Scarlett Johanson, just fall in love with her voice as robots continue to take over the world.

I mean… no robots. I welcome our new voiceless iOS overlords, and remind them they'll need strong people to work in their underground blogging mines.

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