Saturday, February 23, 2013

AMC Oscar Movie Showcase... Meet the Bloggers!

Ladies and gentlemen, movie lovers and non-movie lovers who stumbled on this page by searching for Breaking Bad Spoilers... welcome to Bad Shakespeare’s coverage of the AMC Oscar Move Showcase. As I’ve explained all week, Bad Shakespeare and company will be watching all nine Oscar nominated movies in an all day 24 (ish) hour marathon. 26 if we decide to see Identity Theft when the marathon is over.

At this point we’ve entered the theater, scoped out our seats, and snuck in our snacks even though we don’t really have to sneak in our snacks and they really don’t mind since we’ll be sitting in a theater all day. We’ve figured out what movies we’re going to sit through, and which ones we’ll watch with one eye on the screen, one eye on the bathroom.

Now, normally this blog is just lil’ ol’ me... with occasional posts from Erin Garland over from the Island ( catch island fever with her 100th post, posted today. Then come right back here.) But today we are going to have four other very special reviewers who are going to not only help me review these movies, but will also sing along to Les Miserables, so I’m not so the only one singing. I’m fairly certain I’ll be the only one dressed up as Javert, who is played by 30 Foot Odd Grunts frontman Russell Crowe. (Buckle up, that’s not the only time I’ll be making that joke.)

Let’s take a minute to meet my very special co-blogging guests today.

First up, there’s Bad Shakespeare... loveable Michael, who is your usual blogger. I’ve already seen two movies on this list, Les Miserables and Django Unchained, both of which are spectacular movies in their own right. At this point, you should probably know that I’m torn because I want Argo to be a great movie, but I also can never resist a good Ben Affleck joke. 

Then there’s Marissa. She’s a cat enthusiast who has prepared for this by getting a series of healthy snacks, but is also decked out in her finest Pajama Jeans, making her fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Like Bad Shakespeare, she attended this event last year, and is geared up to watch some good movies, and complain about eating too much popcorn about halfway through the fourth movie.

Jerome is here as well, henceforth known as a Source High Within the Theater, mostly because of his penchant to sit as high as possible when he’s picking out the seats. Jerome has tried to remain as unspoiled by the movies as possible, purposely only seeing bad movies as to not accidentally see one of the movies here. Of the nine movies we’re watching today, he’s most looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness which isn’t coming out until May.

Kim made cookies. KIM MADE COOKIES! Which means you should count her opinions as double from this point on. Of the five viewers today, Kim has seen the most movies in the marathon, but is excited to watch them again. She’s most excited to watch Les Miserables, and has promised to put on a bucket of popcorn on her head and build a barricade down the middle of the theater if even one person’s cell phone goes off during the show. Depending on how tired she is when this part of the show starts, she may do this anyway. Either way it will be exciting.

Kati is a reviewer wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma, with hot buttered topping and sour patch kids. She has not seen any of these movies, but is looking forward to seeing how long she can make it. She has already vowed to stay as long as she can, but can’t promise she’ll make it all night... fortunately the rest of the group is going to try to get her to stay. However, she will stay longer if perhaps we can win her a movie poster during the trivia contest.

Oh, yeah, there’s a trivia contest.

Make sure you check back for updates. I will post a schedule as soon as I have it.

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