Saturday, February 23, 2013


Your intrepid movie crew has now watched our third movie, Argo. Now, on this blog I give Ben Affleck a hard time, but that's because I hold him to a much higher standard than everyone else. He was the bomb in Phantoms.

Argo tells the story of a CIA agent who fakes a film to save a bunch of hostages who are hiding in the Canadian Embassy, then when they are rescued they give Canada all the credit because its Canada and they can use the boost.

Generally we loved this movie. It was suspenseful, even though we all knew that they were going to get out safe because the movies this year have used up all the sad with Amour. Ben Affleck was great as an actor and director, John Goodman improves every movie he's in, and Bryan Cranston reminds me that Breaking Bad can't come back fast enough.

Next up we use profanity with abandon in Reservoir Dogs, the Western.

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