Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Schedule... Of Doom!!!

Ok ladies and gents, movie lovers and lovers of watching people stay up for 24 straight hours... Welcome to the coverage of our huge movie marathon. We are seated, but most importantly... We have the schedule!

Starting out our day will be Oscar's biggest "why"... Amour. I guess they wanted to start the day with uplifting, or they just realized we could only get sadder. As this is the movie I wanted to see the least, I'm glad it's out of the way.

Next up... I'm thinkin' Lincoln. Spoiler alert, it's during lunch, so I'm hoping that I can get a hot dog around the time of the Gettysburg Address.

Then let the Phantoms and Daredevil jokes fly as we check out Argo, and experience Oscars real tale of redemption. And Canadians.

After That, we have Django Unchained, and we will use profanity with abandon.

Darkness falls as we hear the people, and large sections of the audience, sing as we check out 30 Foot Odd Grunts frontman Russell Crowe headline an all star cast with Les Miserables.

Then we hit up Zero Dark Thirty at midnight. Comedy!!!

Life of Pi is in the Morning waning hours. Because when everyone is tired is the best time for a deeply spiritual metaphor. This counts as Church.

Then it's the Hunger Games. No? Silver Linings Playbook? Jennifer Lawrence is in it, anyway.

Finally it's Beasts of the Southern Wild. I have nothing more to say on this.

Enjoy the show. I have to go watch a Frenchwoman Die.

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