Thursday, February 21, 2013

AMC Oscar Movie Showcase Survival Guide

As mentioned on Wednesday, Bad Shakespeare and company will be attending AMC Theater’s Annual Oscar Movie Showcase. This is a glorious 24 hour movie marathon of every movie nominated for the Oscars. And because I enjoy shameless self promotion, I’ll be live-blogging it.

The real question I have not gone over yet is: How does one survive a 24 hour movie marathon in the theater. Yes, we’ve all had days where we’ve watched a bunch of movies or a bunch of TV shows. But we’ve done that from the comfort of our homes. Need to get something to drink? Hop up and get to the fridge. Bored? Stop the 24 hour marathon and go home. 

No, it takes a special strategy to be able last for a full 24 hours in a movie theater. So... here’s Bad Shakespeare’s 24 hour movie marathon strategy guide!

-Get there early. You are going to be sitting in this place for 24 hours, you do not need to be stuck off on the side of the theater, or behind some person is going to laugh. You want to hit your favorite spot... not too close to the screen, but far away enough from the door that you can hide your booze when you see the manager come in.

-Speaking of booze... an old writing trick I picked up was to sip whiskey during the night to help keep you from going to sleep. Use this, but with whiskey. Don’t drink too much too early. You’re staying up late, you don’t want to go right from being drunk to the hangover, especially if the last show is loud.

-If they show Les Miserables after midnight, singing is going to be fair game. That’s not for all marathons.

-Outside snacks are encouraged. Man cannot live on popcorn alone. But nachos... oh, nachos, we love you.

-Be nice. You’re going to be around a lot of people for a long time.

-Never bring an infant into a movie theater. This really doesn’t have anything to do with this marathon, just a general annoyance. Yeah, you think the baby is going to sleep, but then they’re going to wake up, and we’ll pretend it won’t bother us but then... you know, I’m off topic.

-Under no circumstances should you find yourself behind the counter, firing butter at people while wearing a popcorn helmet. It may seem like a good idea around 2 a.m. It’s not.

-Pay attention to the movie list. There will be one movie you don’t want to see. There’s your nap right there. Yes, you’re there to see all movies so you can make a proper pick for best picture when you watch the Oscars. But we know that no one wants to see L’Amour. Why was that nominated?

-Speaking of 2 a.m, around this time all the Lincoln and Theater jokes are going to be funny for you again. They aren’t really. Please don’t. Just. Don’t. Also, spoilers: he dies. Ok. He dies.

-Bring deodorant. Just. Bring deodorant.

I look forward to you joining us as we comment on these movies! See you tomorrow, starting bright and early!


  1. Have a good time! I will not be watching all the Oscar nominated films this year (I haven't seen any but I have seen all of the short documentaries so that's a start) but I'm looking forward to the live blogging. Maybe I'll do this next year.

    My weekend movie marathon will consist of The Warriors, Moonrise Kingdom, The Holiday and probably one Hallmark movie.

  2. So sad I'm not going, but duty and California call! I am sure you guys will have an amazing time. (So jealous!) I will be awaiting your live blogging updates with great anticipation =) Will there be photos? (Pleae say yes!) I can't wait to do this next year!!