Sunday, February 24, 2013

Manic Depressive Pixie Dream Girl

Eight down; one to go.

We just finished the Academy's token comedy, Silver Linings Playbook, which shows us that real healing comes from dancing with someone who may or may not be crazier than you, but is plenty hot. Also, Chris Tucker, who is surprisingly in a role where he's not shouting opposite Jackie Chan.

While there is probably more chance of Jennifer Lawrence hopping off the screen and dancing with me rather than this actually winning the Oscar for best picture, this really was a great movie. It was very different. Oh, it jumps toward the predictable ending... Will the two damaged people find and heal each other? (Yes. If you think no, you aren't paying attention.) But this has the same thing Django had. It was different. I wouldn't expect it to be nominated. It was like a less dark version of as Good As It Gets with a more attractive cast.

The thing was, even as you watch it knowing that they were probably going to get together, the movie is a fun journey. It's cool watching these characters on screen. You wouldn't want to go get raisin bran with any of them, but they're fun to watch. And that's what makes a great movie, at the end of the marathon, fun to watch.

And Bradley Cooper is easy on they eyes.

Next up: Beasts of the Southern Wild. I know nothing about this movie than it is sad. Really? End with sad, too?

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