Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where's Bin Laden?

We have reached the first milestone of the night! The first movie where large swaths of people have fallen asleep! And it's a shame, Zero Dark Thirty was pretty good.

I won't lie, it's a brutal depiction of violence, and the raid that eventually killed Bin Laden. Not the feelyest good movie, but an awesome one. It's tough to be funny with this one, especially since its so late. But I'm a trooper.

On of the more fun surprises is Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec as one if the soldiers who took down Bin Laden. He's a funny dude, but this funny dude can act. And it's splendid.

And like I said, this does not hold back. Not the companion piece to singing Frenchmen that you might think. But the brutality adds to the movie. It reminds you that war is hell. That fighting for what you think is right will always have a cost.

Whoa. Got deep there for a moment. It's three a.m. And we've been here for almost 17 hours at this point. And awake for that long, too. This s when the movies get really good, or really bad. Wooo!!

Next up: someone decided a spiritual 3-D move would be great for 3 a.m.

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