Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fugitive 2: Tommy Lee Jones vs. John Wilkes Boothe

Lincoln. Wow.

We are all sitting here in awe of this movie, all giving it 4's and 5's. its a great feat to take a well known story and manage to actually make things interesting. Also: stovepipe hats galore.

I will not be recapping the storyline, because you should know it. Lincoln frees slaves, twist ending though. Turns out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a true story. Tommy Lee Jones grants Lincoln the great power of the silver axe. Who knew? (Kim).

No this was a fantastic movie. The acting was amazing, especially Tommy Lee Jones playing Civil War Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader as Civil War Big Lebowski.

We have finished movie number 2. Onto Ben Affleck's Argo, about Canadians that save the day.

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