Saturday, February 23, 2013

The D is Silent

We just finished with the most excellent, most violent, most one liners of the day, Django Unchained. The consensus: we were surprised it was nominated, but we all loved it. Nice little wild card in the middle of the day. Night. What time is it?

Django Unchained is about Quentin Tarantino writing a revenge movie about a slave who vows to get his wife back and kill Leonardo Dicaprio, possibly for inspiring Celine Dion to write that horrible song. Also, there's this German guy played by professional German Guy, Chris Waltz. I think that's how you spell it. We've reached the point where spelling doesn't count.

Despite the extreme violence, this was a great movie. Action, adventure, Tarintino's trademark dialogue.... Just too much fun. While this one probably won't win, let's face it... It's awesome. And funny. And it's Tarintinoy.

They just moved us to a new theater. Mostly to help with the heat, but t helps with the smell. To also dinner time! In a little bit, we start with Russell Crowe's Sing Along! Join us by playing the soundtrack at home, and building your own barricade with furniture.

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